Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Stop Believin' (or Breathing).. Whatever.

In one of my yoga classes this week, my teacher said, "Don't stop breathing." It's a perfectly normal thing to say in a yoga class, and I'm sure I've heard it a bazillion times. But for some reason, on this occasion, instead of helping me to focus on my breath and internal heat a song popped into my head. It wasn't Krishna Das.

It was this.

But instead of "Don't Stop Believin'" my head was filled with "Don't Stop Bre-eath-ing." It has been in my head ever since. It's driving me nuts, but at least it reminds me to take a full, deep inhale when I get to the made up chorus.

Does a pop song ever, ummm, pop into your head during yoga? What's the most common culprit?

"Hold on to the feeeeeeling..."