Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Puppy Love

Every spoiled girl needs a spoiled little dog. I'm no exception, of course taking the whole ahimsa, non-harming, thing into account I opted for a rescue mutt instead of a prissy, little purebred dog. This is a picture of my cute little darling, Penny.

Now, to a spoiled Paris Hilton-type, a puppy isn't much more than an accessory. But a spoiled yogi like me sees infinite wisdom in her furry friends. My Penny has amazing yoga poses, of course, but I'm most amazed at how she gets so excited about simple things. For example, any time I go to the freezer to get ice for a drink, she follows me, happily wagging her tail because she knows I'll give her an ice cube to chew on. If only I could get that excited about an ice cube!

Here are a few other little nuggets of wisdom I've seen in my pooch.

-- If someone growls at you, that doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to be friends. Don't make any sudden moments, and be friendly again tomorrow. Growling back will get you nowhere.

-- There is really nothing more important in this life than grass, sunshine, friends, and food. What more can you possibly want?

-- Play! Play! Play! Sleep..... Play! Play! Eat... Play! Play! Play! This is the way to enlightenment.

How do your four-legged friends inspire your yoga?