Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's Your Mantra?

I first noticed I was a spoiled yogi when I began paying attention to my inner dialogue. Every time I had a moment to myself—in the shower, my morning commute to work, the moments before I drifted off to sleep at night—I noticed that I kept thinking to myself, "What do you really want?" As in, what do I want in life and in the moment. Do I want a bagel with cream cheese? Do I want a puppy? Do I want more respect at my job? Do I want to pick up and move my life somewhere else?

No matter the answer to my question, I began to realize I was never satisfied. When I got what I "wanted," I was immediately preoccupied with wanting something else. And, quite frankly, my inner dialogue was driving me nuts.

So I changed it in the same way I've been taught to bring my mind back to my breath in meditation. Whenever I notice myself thinking "What do you want?," I stop myself and instead think, "I am content. I am blessed. I am happy."

I still slip back into my samskara, or pattern, a lot, but I think the intention to change it will make an impact over time.

I'm curious. What thoughts pop into your head while you walk to work? Do you have a mantra? What is it?