Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Might Be a Spoiled Yogi If ... (Part 2)

6. You would NEVER attend a yoga class at the YMCA or a [insert name of a type of yoga you have an aversion to here] studio.

7. When you're tired of doing a particular pose, you stop the entire class to shout out, "Could I have another pose to work on, please?" (Unless, of course, you have an injury or are physically incapable, then it makes you smart not spoiled.)

8. You judge people based on their diet, yoga clothes, and how accurately they pronounce Sanskrit words.

9. You have more than two yoga mats (I have five!), more yoga clothes than work or weekend wear, or more than 50 percent of your book and magazine collection (and blog feed) are about yoga--but you never really look at it any of it.

10. You write more than one yoga blog ...