Monday, March 15, 2010

Namaste, Jackass! 5 Steps to a Calmer Commute

I'm a public transportation girl. My favorite time of the day (well, after my morning coffee and my yoga time) used to be my morning bus ride. I'd look out over the beautiful San Francisco Bay as I crossed over the bridge, listening to podcasts or Pandora, tweeting to my heart's content. It was my me time, you know?

This week, however, I'm driving to work for at least an hour each way in my car. My husband, who used to make a similar commute, warned me that it would be horrible. Stop and go for 40 miles. I thought it wouldn't bother me. "I'll be fine," I told him. "I'll take deep breaths, think happy thoughts, and let the aggressive drivers out there just roll on by."

It took all of 10 minutes for Chill Yoga Girl to start yelling at SUVs. "Don't you get in front of me, you boring, personality-less WHITE vehicle!" It didn't help me get there any sooner, but it did make me frazzled for the first day of a new job. So for tomorrow, I have to really extend my yoga practice into my commute. This is my plan.

1. I will leave early enough that I won't stress out about being late.

2. I will send blessings and acknowledge the Divine in each driver who cuts me off. "Namaste, Jackass!" (I do believe that even though we all have a spark of the Divine in us, we also have a spark of Jackass... especially when we're late to work.)

3. I will sit to meditate at least for a few minutes immediately before I leave, setting an intention for a safe and happy commute for both me and others on the road.

4. When I start to feel flustered, I'll remember my mantra. "I am blessed. I am content. I am happy." Even in traffic.

5. I will look forward to this time next week, when I'm all settled into my new place and my commute will consist of walking 2 blocks.

How do you live your yoga during your commute?

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