Monday, March 29, 2010

Testing the Waters

On Saturday, I went to my first yoga class near my new home. I wasn't sure what to expect from a Power Yoga class at a rock climbing gym, but I have to say it left me feeling grateful, inspired, and excited to explore a whole new yoga community!

The studio was beautiful. The people were friendly. The teacher, an athletic type, was decent. Though, I didn't love his sequencing or that he kept saying "High Plank"--There's only ONE Plank Pose, Mister.  But he offered some challenging poses, lots of Andrey Lappa-inspired arm stretches, and he said "damn"--which I happen to find hilarious in a yoga class setting. Here's the context: "Some people, damn them, can bind in this pose. I don't how! Oh yeah. Like that! That's beautiful, and forget that whole 'Damn you' thing." Ha!

Will the studio/rock climbing gym be my new home? That is yet to be determined, as there are a many more to try before I settle on one.

How did you pick your studio/teacher?