Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye Coffee Ritual! We'll Miss You.

The last two days I decided to give up my morning coffee ritual and roll my yoga mat instead. Besides, I can get to work a few minutes earlier and have my coffee there. I'll be happier, calmer, and look like a dedicated employee who gets to work early! Everybody wins!

But here's the problem. My morning coffee/email/Today Show ritual isn't just my "me time." It's also my bonding-with-Penny-the-Puppy-Time. While I sip my coffee and check my email and write blogs, Penny brings me toys to throw for her. Then, eventually, she curls up in my lap for a few minutes of petting and baby talk before I have to get up and get ready for work.

My morning practice time isn't "me time" either. I unroll my mat, Penny gets on. I do my first Downward Dog, Penny runs from across the room, between my legs and licks my face. I stand tall in Tadasana, a stuffed duck plops at my feet. Penny looks up at me, her tail wagging. "Please, oh, PLEASE will you throw this for me?," say her big, brown eyes.

I feel incredibly, horribly guilty. It's not exactly the inner peace I was looking for. But I think we can start a new morning ritual that we'll both be happy about, right?