Friday, April 30, 2010

A Love Story & A Lesson in Detachment

My dog, Penny, has a crush. It's more than a crush, actually.. It's a crazy, intense, infatuated—well, case of puppy love.

You see, earlier this week she met this piece of wood and it was love at first sight. She picked it up, flirted with it a little, then decided to make it her own. She takes it with her on every walk morning, noon, and night. And when the walk is over and I make her put it down outside the front door. She sits at the door for a few minutes and whines, crying for her beloved.

But it doesn't take long for Penny to forget all about her favorite attachment when we get back inside. It's just a few minutes of whining, then she chases the cat, begs for food, cuddles in our laps, and returns to her happy, mischievous puppy self.

When the door opens and it's time for another walk, she picks up the wood immediately and it starts all over again.

I've learned from Penny that it really is possible to leave your attachments (thoughts, desires, ambitions... whatever) outside. You can always pick them up again later.