Monday, April 19, 2010

Are You a Yoganista?

1. When you first see a new, over-the-top trend in yoga clothing (think MC Hammer yoga pants) you:
     A. Shake your head in disappointment. These clothing companies are just looking to make a buck, it's totally not yoga. This, too, shall pass.
     B. Immediately order a pair. You MUST be the first to wear those in your studio.
     C. It takes you a while, but after the trend catches on and all your favorite yoga teachers are sporting them you usually end up following the trend.

2. You wear yoga clothes:
     A. Only to yoga class (and occasionally to sleep in)! They're way too ratty and worn out to wear them anywhere else.
     B. With everything! Your yoga tanks double as camisoles under work clothes, your warm up sweaters look ravishing with jewelry and jeans for a night out on the town, etc. The more you wear it, the more you feel justified buying!
    C. For class, walking the dog, and lazy weekend trips to the grocery store or coffee house.

3. When it's time to buy a new yoga mat you:
     A. Don't. People used to practice yoga in a cave! Why do you need to spend money on a fancy mat?
     B. Carefully consider your yoga wardrobe ... You want a high-quality yoga mat that will keep you from slipping, but also look great with your clothes, and bring out the color of your eyes, too.
     C. Spend some time comparing the grips of a few different brands, but ultimately buy the same brand your yoga teacher or other students you know use.

4. When you decide what to wear to yoga class, your first consideration is:
     A. You don't have to think about it. You wear the same thing every time.
     B. How can I mix and match my favorite yoga clothes in a new and creative way?
     C. You just throw something on that will be comfortable and cute.

5. When you think of yoga accessories, what comes to mind?
     A. The asanas and your breath.
     B. A trendy headband, cozy wrap, stylish mat bag, and a fresh pedicure.
     C. A water bottle, towel, and pony tail holder?

Mostly A's — Yoga Minimalist
You don't buy into the hype. You know that yoga is really about connecting body, mind, and soul—and that's it!

Mostly B's — Yoganista
You might be a spoiled yogi. You love wearing your yoga clothes in new and creative ways. It's OK to love fashion and be a trendsetter, but don't forget to keep it all grounded in the principles of yoga.

Mostly C's — Comfy Chic
You want to look and feel great in your yoga wear. You are no slouch in the studio, but you don't feel the need to buy something new every week either.

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