Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yoga Nag

This afternoon, I went to a class at a new studio. I unrolled my mat next to a cute couple, who seemed to be on a yoga date. The woman, wearing head-to-toe Lululemon, was clearly an avid yoga enthusiast. The man seemed to be taking his first-ever yoga class. It was pretty stinkin' cute. As I was waiting for class to begin, my mind wandered. "Oh, why can't MY husband get his ass off the couch (and away from the Final Four) long enough to share in something that's SO important to me? I'm SO neglected..." (Wah wah wah!)

Then I heard this: "You see?... You use the strap like this. It's for when you're not flexible enough to touch your toes... You'll probably need it because, well..." The woman's voice trailed off as she gestured toward the man's legs. He said nothing.

THAT'S when it occurred to me that perhaps my husband would rather watch basketball than come to yoga with me because, like the young woman who somehow managed to convince her boyfriend to come to yoga with her today, I'm a total yoga nag! I'm always nagging him to come to yoga with me, but he thinks I'd be an obnoxious know-it-all nag at the studio. He's probably right.

Throughout the class, I noticed that when the teacher suggested the use of a prop, the Yoga Nag would turn around and motion to her beau that he should use it. (And many times he actually didn't need to.) The poor guy did as he was told, then when his date turned around, he put the prop down and did his own thing.

When class was over and we were packing up our mats the Yoga Nag said out of nowhere, "Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. You just need more practice." Her Yoga Victim was silent. I have a feeling this would his first and last yoga class—and who could blame him?!

What I learned from yoga class today: It might be OK to nag your guy to do the dishes, but don't nag him to go to yoga with you. And please, if you are ever lucky enough to get him to set foot in a studio, just keep your mouth shut during the class and let him experience it for himself.