Monday, May 17, 2010

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Yoga Wardrobe

I love clothes—I know it's shocking, right?! But lately I've had a lot more fun mixing up my yoga wardrobe with accessories that can make any combination of yoga top and pants look fun, stylish, and totally appropriate for both the yoga studio and the pre-yoga trip to the coffee shop.

1. Scarves. Nothing turns a ho-hum outfit into a stunner like a beautiful, colorful scarf. Go for a lightweight scarf with a print on it for a breezy look. Plus, once you get to the studio, it can double as an eye pillow or a blanket in Savasana (Corpse Pose).

2. Ballet Flats. Sure, you could wear flip flops to yoga class. But a sweet pair of ballet flats always brings something classic, lady-like, and sophisticated to a yoga ensemble. They're comfy and they slip on and off quickly, which is a must for a yoga outing.

3. Earrings. I'm not saying you should wear big, dangly earrings while you're practicing yoga—that would be a big distraction! But cute earrings definitely bring attention to your face and help add originality to your overall look when you're wandering about town pre- or post-yoga.

4. Versatile Sweater Wrap. My favorite thing to throw on over my yoga clothes is a drapey wrap sweater. It's the only piece of clothing that you can wear so many different ways it almost never looks the same.

5. Yoga Mat Bag. Replace your handbag with a stylish mat bag to add convenience and style.