Friday, May 14, 2010


The last three months of my life has been the most stressful time I can remember. I quit a job that I loved to take another job that I was learning to love. My new job was too demanding to keep doing my part-time job, so I had to cut back on hours there, too. I had JUST moved my life from Oakland, California to San Jose, California, and began to settle into the rhythm of things when I learned that after a year of applying for jobs closer to family in the South East, my husband had finally gotten a job in a city we fell in love with on our one-year anniversary trip last year. It's as if the powers that be decided to play some kind of cruel--but also awesome--joke on us.

Did I mention how much I abhor moving? It's like my least favorite thing to do, right above quitting jobs ...

Now I have two weeks to blindly find a new place to live, get rid of the collection of unnecessary stuff I've accumulated the last five years, have the air conditioner in my car repaired, have one last coffee with hundreds of my dearest California friends ... the list goes on and on. But I'm sitting here beaming. I can't believe how lucky I am!

Maybe it's a lesson in impermanence, or maybe my husband and I are just young and impulsive. Either way, I'm ready for a new adventure (again)!

Now, who has any road trip music suggestions? I need about 7 days worth!