Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Panty Problem: There HAS to Be a Better Way!

Image Source: Flickr


Until recently, I'd never really given much thought to the undergarments I wear with my yoga clothes. Sure, you need a supportive bra and a top that won't cause you to flash your goodies every time you go into Downward Facing Dog, but what it boils down to is comfort. You have to be comfortable when you practice so your mind isn't cluttered with unnecessary worries about wardrobe malfunctions.

Let me be clear about something. As far as I'm concerned, a thong is by design the epitome of the words "wardrobe malfunction." (And don't even get me started on muffin tops.) As unsightly as VPLs are, I had just accepted them as a necessary evil—a sacrifice I would make in the name of my yoga practice.

But recently I've questioned this position. There HAS to be a better way!

Yoga clothing manufacturers are masters of innovative design. If they can make yoga pants that can make everyone's derriere look amazing, then why, oh why, can't they come up with comfortable, full-coverage panties that aren't visible underneath those pants? My suspicion is that this fabled practical, comfortable, and attractive pair of panties exists somewhere out there—and if it does, I'm going to find it!

I've already gathered some helpful suggestions from my friends on Twitter, but I'd love to collect more here. I intend to try them all and put an end to this problem once and for all! Mwahahahahaha!