Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Not To Wear: Yoga Goddesses

A while back I posted "Yoga Men: What NOT to Wear." It was a big success--mostly because my readers perverted and like seeing men in thongs, I think.  But to be fair, I think we ladies make plenty of fashion mistakes in the yoga studio, too. (I've already told you I have panty lines! So don't think I'm judging. Think of this as a helpful guide to get us all back on track.)

Also, let me emphasize that the following is problems with the style or fit of the clothing NOT women's bodies, Mmmmkay?

Here are some of the biggest challenges ladies face in yoga fashion, and my tips on how to handle them with grace.

The Problem: Too Much Skin

Unless you're the lovely and talented Kathryn Budig (and modeling for a ToeSox ad), you should probably not go to a yoga studio in the nude... Unless you're going to a naked yoga class. But even then, you should wait until you get there to strip down. (I'm just saying..)

The solution: Wear clothes.

The problem: Muffin Top
Seriously, yoga clothing companies, women have hips! Stop making pants so tight that it looks like we we're spilling out of them! I love muffins as much as the next person, but a Muffin Top in yoga class? Not cute!
The Solution:
If you see the dreaded Muffin Top when you try on a pair of yoga pants go up a size, or look for a pair with a roll down waist. Also, make sure you buy yoga tops that are long enough to cover you--test it out in Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) and Downward Facing Dog.

The Problem: Visible Panty Lines

The Solution: I'll let you know. In the meantime, read the comments from this blog. 

The Problem: Camel Toe
I actually don't see this very much at the yoga studio. But I'm not really looking for it either.

The Solution:
Again, my advice is to go up a size (or two). Oh, and if you're getting Camel Toe because your pants are too long and you pull them up so you don't step on them, consider getting them hemmed. (Dear yoga clothing companies, PLEASE carry petite sizes because as a hate to get pants hemmed.)

Most of all, let me just say that as much as I love yoga fashion, I whole-heartedly believe that function and comfort should come first (again, see my post about panty lines). And as long as you wear your clothes with confidence and a smile, you should feel beautiful--because you are.