Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 More Things Your Teacher Wants You to Know

Image: www.discoveryyoga.com
1. When your teacher says it's OK to take care of yourself--rest in Child's Pose, modify a difficult pose to make it better suit your body's needs for the day, etc.--she actually means it!

2. While it might be somewhat rude to come into class a few minutes late, it's preferable to not coming at all. You have to practice to get the benefits of yoga and your teacher knows sometimes the traffic doesn't cooperate.

3. It's the ultimate compliment to your teacher when you have an emotional break-through and shed a tear during class. It's OK! It means you released some emotion you were holding in your body!

4. Your teacher is probably not a mind reader. If he does something that makes you feel bad--whether it's an adjustment that pushes you too far or a comment that embarrasses you in front of the class--tell him! He really wants to give you the best experience possible!

5. You know how the perfect yoga class for your mood and energy level makes your entire day? Hearing that the class she led made her students day better will make your yoga teacher's day better. Just as you like to hear positive feedback when your poses are improving, your teacher would probably like to hear feedback about her teaching. (BTW, showing up to class regularly is an excellent way to give this feedback!)

Note: Many of the items on this list came from reader suggestions from an earlier post! For more read, 5 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know.