Monday, August 2, 2010

Bag Schwag: How to Shop Like a Yogi

Being a Spoiled Yogi has its perks, and one of my favorites has to be my collection of reusable shopping bags—you know, the kind you get when you buy yoga clothes? Yoga clothing companies are often committed to being environmentally friendly, and they want their customers to make the commitment, too. And so they provide their customers with environmentally-friendly, reusable shopping bags in hopes that they'll carry them to the grocery store, take them to the beach, or haul the recyclables (and maybe remind others of their brand while they're at it).

Here are my all-time favorite reusable, eco-friendly, yoga fashion-marketing shopping bags:

Best Grocery Shopping Bag: MeSheeky
This bag even looks kind of like the white, plastic bags you get at the grocery stores! But it's bigger, softer, and way cooler! Plus, it fits comfortably over your shoulder. It's way more practical than any other bag I've received from a yoga retailer (and, trust me, I have a large collection)!

Best Beach Bag: Zobha
Whenever I'm heading off for a day at the beach, I grab my mesh Zobha bag. It's the perfect size for beach towels, a few magazines, and Penny's treats and water bowl. Plus, when I get sand in it, all I have to do is give it a few shakes and it's ready for my next adventure!

Best Lunch Bag: Lululemon
There's a reason you see everybody and her sister carrying these petite bags around on busy, city streets. The inspirational Lululemon bag is just big enough for your lunch—and it even reminds you to floss your teeth.

Do you use those reusable bags retailers give you? Which one is your favorite?