Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eoin Finn's Pure and Simple Yoga DVD

Eoin Finn is one cool yoga dude! And his DVD, Pure and Simple Yoga for Stiffies & People Who Enjoy Slow Flow, does a great job at making yoga accessible--especially for other cool yoga dudes... and stiff people... and over-worked people... OK. There's something for pretty much everyone. The most unique part of the DVD is that it gives you a choice to see the poses modified for people who are a stiffer or new to the practice. I love this idea because I think so many people leave their first yoga classes believing that yoga isn't for them because the teacher caters to more advanced students. With Pure and Simple Yoga, YOU choose your level, and Eoin guides you along the way. (There's even a split screen option that lets you see your option for each pose as you practice. ) If you still need more guidance, check out the DVD's "Deeper Knowledge" section where Eoin breaks down individual poses, shows their benefits, and how to adapt them for different body types.

There's a fun, beachy, surfer vibe to this DVD that makes it both soothing and energizing--and I love the ocean breath track in the background that reminds you to breathe as you practice. Eoin's instructions are clear, simple, and to the point, and his practice is beautiful and inspiring to watch. I would recommend Pure and Simple Yoga to beginners, surfer types, guys who need to see a more masculine side of yoga--or anyone who loves the beach. In fact, it has inspired me to take my mat along for my next beach trip!