Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You, Yoga Trailblazers!

I was filled with so much gratitude as I watched this video, I had to share it. Today, there are yoga studios on every block. When we want more info about a pose, we simply type its name into Google and find countless images, articles, and videos. When I started practicing in 2002, it was still kind of an eccentric thing to do where I was living at the time—which, of course, was part of its appeal to my 19-year-old self. But I had a teacher and a class to go to every week. Thankfully, no one called the police to report me. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to have begin practicing yoga 35 years ago. I also know that if there weren't people who did, we wouldn't have access to the teachers, the community, the support, and all the information we have today. I'm grateful for those people who brazed the trail before me, because I'm not sure I could have done what they did.

Say what you will about Yoga Journal (when I worked there, I got the emails, so I've already heard it all!), but you can't deny the huge part that magazine has played in giving us all access to the practice we love (even if they never put a man on the cover!) We're all better off for it.