Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Do List

Every day I have a to do list that goes on for miles. I check off things like "Do the laundry," "Edit that story you've been putting off," and "Go to the grocery store." It feels great when everything on my list is checked off, and equally unsettling when I leave an item or two for tomorrow. While the things on my to-do list do benefit my life, I've noticed they don't leave my soul feeling happy and fulfilled. So I've decided to write a different kind of to do list today--a to do list that's JUST for me, with no deadlines, no judgment, no goal other than to make myself feel happier and more content.

 1. Learn to CHILL OUT.
 2. Stop being stressed.
 3. Care less about what people think.
 4. Enjoy life more.
 5. Pay more attention to each breath, the pretty colors, and the warmth of the sun on your skin.
 6. Pay less attention to negativity, jealousy, nerves, and petty emotions.
 7. Take a pottery class.
 8. Get your hands REALLY dirty.
 9. Be less afraid to look stupid.
10. Be more spontaneous.
11. Practice smiling in your liver.
12. Stretch just because it feels good.
13. Run ... like Phoebe on Friends.
14. Sing really LOUDLY every time you take a road trip.
15. Take more road trips.
16. Stay for longer than the weekend.
17. Paint pictures to hang on your walls.
18. Learn to sew handbags.
19. Buy a fancy camera.
20. Learn to use a fancy camera.
21. Get more massages.
22. Laugh at things that aren't funny, just for the heck of it.
23. Go to a park JUST to sit on a bench and take it all in.
24. Read more books.
25. Write a short story.
26. Learn to make jam.
27. Count the stars.
28. Smile at strangers.
29. Send mores letter.
30. Observe more, do less.
31. Eat more delicious food.
32. Sleep in.
33. Swim in the ocean.
34. Make new friends.
35. Get re-acquainted with old friends.
36. Spend more time at the dog park.
37. Listen as much as you talk.
38. Write a poem for your beloved.
39. Write a poem for yourself.
40. Make more whoopy.
41. Plant flowers.
42. Play in the rain.
43. Get lost in the woods--but not too lost.
44. Be thankful.
45. Forgive yourself.
46. Watch the sun rise.
47. Notice what animals the clouds resemble.
48. Be silly.
49. Be fearless.
50. Be unapologetic for being you!

What's on your to do list?