Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Does Your Yoga Mat Say about You?

Trendy Mat. If you use a mat with an extra cushion in the middle for your bum or some other trendy, new mat that just came out it could be a sign that you have a yoga mat addiction. Another sign would be that you have so many mats you choose a mat to go with your outfit.

Mat with Skidless Towel. This is the sign of a hot yoga practitioner. If you sprung to buy an expensive towel to mop up your sweat because if you didn't your mat would turn into a slip-n-slide, you probably don't spend much time in Restorative classes. I'm just sayin'.

Pink Mat. Girly girl! (Or maybe a breast cancer research supporter.) For the record, I can tell the difference by looking at your pedicure. :)

Super Thick Mat. You probably have bony knees. Or a bony butt. It's cool. I'm not judging—our bodies are all different.

Extra Long Mat. You're tall. Congratulations! You don't have to rub it in!

Shiny and New PVC Mat. When someone unrolls a shiny, new Target PVC mat beside of me in a yoga studio, I want to hug him and say, "Welcome to our club!" I don't, of course, because a new mat doesn't always mean a new student. And if he is a new student, a hug from a weird yoga girl he doesn't know might freak him out a little. In any case, this kind of mat often means someone new to yoga bought the cheapest mat they could find to test the waters so they can decide if yoga is right for them or not.

Smelly, New Eco Mat. After a few years practicing yoga, people often get word that their old PVC mat is harmful to the planet. So, for some reason, they toss it out and get a new "Eco" mat. (Of course, I would argue that this is less friendly to the environment than just sticking with the mat they already have. But the intention is good.) So when I see someone with this kind of mat, I think they're either a new convert or someone who likes to buy new yoga mats.

Worn In Eco Mat. This is the kind of mat yoga enthusiasts most often have. High-quality mats are durable and eco-friendly—so they can last 10 years and still look worn in, not worn out!

Worn OUT Mat. People become pretty attached to their mats, so this could be why someone would want to hold on to theirs even though it's falling apart. In any case, if it takes 10 years to wear out one of these mats, a person who uses a worn out one has done some serious time practicing! Good job.