Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Ah-Ha Moment

I love my new home--I love the people, the atmosphere... I'm even getting used to the weather. I haven't, however, gotten into my yoga groove here yet. The yoga studios here are adorable, the communities are thriving,  and the teachers are sweet and knowledgeable, the classes are ... well... not as challenging as I'm used to. I'm sure eventually I'll find the right class, but until then, I'm amazed at all the great things I'm learning through online videos. I've been able to keep up my daily practice through challenging classes through online services like YogaGlo.

But I was shocked that I had a legitimate yogic break-through by watching a short video on Youtube! All my other ah-ha moments have come with the direct guidance of a teacher who knows my practice and gives me individual attention. The fact that I could simply be a fly on the wall in a studio and "get" the nuances to a technique I've never quite understood makes me giddy! It opens up a whole world!

Oh, here's the video! After watching it I tried jumping through and jumping back and I DID IT!! (Who knew something as simple as crossing your legs at the shins instead of your ankles could make such a difference?)

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment that came from teachings in a video?