Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

Lately I've been trying pretty hard to find a way to teach yoga again, which is not easy when you're the new kid in town. I've been going to lots of different studios, introducing myself to the owners, requesting to be on the sub list... I'm going to be honest. It's pretty annoying how they all say, "Our subs are members of our community that I know very well. They've all taken my class for YEARS."

Well, excuse me for asking!

No, snagging a yoga teaching job is not not like getting other types of jobs. You can't just show up, resume in hand, and expect to get the job because you're the most qualified candidate. It really doesn't matter if you've mastered Crow Pose, know the yamas and niyamas inside and out, or have tons of experience and knowledge. Most of the time, it's about knowing the right people and being a part of the community. (Actually, maybe it's not so different from getting other jobs after all.) Unfortunately, after three months, I still don't know anyone here, so getting a studio owner to take a gamble on me feels like an impossible feat.

So how do you talk a studio owner who doesn't know you well into giving you a shot? Anyone have any experience with this? Am I really going to have to wait YEARS to get a teaching job in a new town? That just doesn't seem fair. I promise I'll show up! And I'll even put all the props away neatly when class is over! Do you think begging would help?