Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slow Down!

My life has been busy and chaotic recently. In the last week, I celebrated my second wedding anniversary and my sister had a baby. A few weeks, ago someone close to my family had a terrible accident and has been in a coma. Of course, my job has added plenty to worry and stress about. I've had a good balance of happy, sad, anxious, and scary moments recently. And yet, I don't feel balanced at all.

I've heard many great yoga teachers say that when you feel like you don't have time for yoga that's when you need it the most. I can't think of a truer statement. It's been hard to unroll my mat when there are so many other important, life-changing events happening all around me.

While I haven't felt like practicing my usual routine of arm balances and backbends, I've still been practicing. Lots of slow breathing, Legs-Up-the-Wall, and Child's Pose have been my attempts at grounding and bringing my mind back into the present moment. I can't say that these poses are always successful at lulling back into a state of calmness, but they work better than most other things I've tried.

What do you practice when your life feels like chaos?