Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Does Your Favorite Pose Say About You?

Standing Poses 
You love to stand tall, with your feet grounding into the earth and the crown of your head reaching up toward infinity. This might mean you're naturally a grounded person. You are firm in your beliefs and convictions, but open to the limitless possibilities in life, too.

You're a lover, not a fighter. Your friends might describe you as vulnerable, real, open, loving, compassionate, and maybe a little emotional, too. You let your heart lead the way--even though sometimes the path is not comfortable. Your personality is energetic, bubbly, and warm.

If your favorite pose is a twisting pose, it might mean you that your body needs more fiber (just kidding!). But twists are great for digestion! They are also cleansing and healing. Not to mention, they make your back feel great. If you love twists you might be fun-loving and adventurous, too.

Forward Bends
Forward Bends are soothing--and they're also great stress-relievers. If your favorite pose is a forward bend (this includes Child's Pose and Downward Dog), you are likely a well-rounded yoga student. You take your practice seriously, and use it as a tool to find your center. You might be even-tempered, studious, and smart.

Arm Balances
Arm balance lovers tend to be playful and a little bit sassy. If you're one of them, you like testing the limits and feeling strong, but you aren't scared to fall on your face every now and then, too. You're also confident, stubborn, and you don't back down from a challenge.

Balance Poses
When it comes to Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, and Half Moon Pose -- people either love them or hate them! If you love them, it could mean that you're either a naturally balanced person or a person who has improved their balance through yoga. Either way, you enjoy teetering on the edge, testing your equilibrium, and you feel triumphant on days that you feel solidly rooted into the ground. There's also a good chance that you have a great sense of humor (because it's hilarious when you fall out of a balance pose).

Inversions are the king and queen of yoga poses. If you love inversions, you might be of noble blood yourself! But you rule with understanding, compassion, and vitality. Inversion lovers are also (so I'm told) very crabby if they aren't in a place that allows them to go upside down--but other than that, they're pretty nice. You might be a little quirky, unusual, and fun.

Aaaahh.. Savasana. Perhaps the most relaxing pose of all. If Corpse Pose is your favorite, it might mean you need more rest, relaxation, and quiet time in your busy life! Or it could just mean that you love the gratifying feeling of knowing you did your yoga practice and love lingering in the after-effects.

Of course, it's important to note that most of us have more than one favorite pose, or our pose combines two or more categories (i.e. Downward Dog is kind of a forward bend and kind of a standing pose)... It's also important to note that I just pretty much pulled the above generalizations out of my ass (just for fun!). Was I right? What's your favorite pose, and what do you think it says about your personality?