Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happiness is ...

I picked up my new issue of Real Simple today, a magazine that always gives me great ideas. This issue's theme is all about happiness with the main feature story about how to be happier in the New Year. There's nothing ground-breaking here. It's in the ability to enjoy the little things that really makes our lives more joyful. As one reader wrote, "When I catch several green traffic lights in a row, I feel certain my day is going to be a good one." Everyone can relate to that. As yoga students, we already know the importance of taking joy in the little things: The amazing feeling we get from one good, deep breath or the radiant after-glow of a great practice session. It's too easy to forget, though. This is especially true this time of the year when we make promises to ourselves that at their core sound a lot like: "I'd be happier if only I could ... (lose 10 pounds, get a better job, run a marathon... pick your favorite resolution)."

I've noticed that I feel happier when I look around and see all the blessings in front of me--instead of pining away for something that I don't have. So my resolution this New Year is going to be to notice the little things that make me happy more often. Things like:

Seeing my husband lay on the couch with both the dog and cat curled up on top of him...and seeing the cuddle up with each other.

The first time I'm able to feel what an advanced pose feels like.
Learning something new--like how to take a cool photograph + noticing how much beauty is in little things (see both in my photo below).

 Getting an unexpected package in the mail.

Image: Flickr user Uzbeckistan

What little things have made you happiest in 2009?