Monday, January 24, 2011

Introducing: Mindful Monday

This is what I image prolonged meditation should feel like.. floating on a cloud...  in a bathrobe..
In the last few days, it seems there have been little reminders to meditate everywhere I look...

Mindfulness Meditation Training Changes Your Brain
Meditation, Your Key to a Stress-Free Life
The #1 Health Habit You're Not Doing ... Yet

OK, Universe, I get it! Meditation can change your brain ... It will help you calm down, manage stress, and focus--not to mention a whole slew of other positive benefits! So, why is it so hard to commit to just a few minutes of quiet reflection every day? I don't know... It shouldn't be so difficult, should it? I'd like to think I can do ANYTHING for five minutes.

This week, I'm starting a daily meditation routine--not because I feel guilty, but because I want to see if it's really lives up to all the hype! (The last time I was able to meditate every day it was only for about 30 days, and I really enjoyed it.. but what if I could do it for 60?) I'll start with just 5 minutes a day, and I hope to build from there. Every Monday, I'll let you know what I'm focusing on and update you on my progress! Sound good?

Do you sit to meditate daily? Do you just sit in silence following your breath or follow a guide of some sort? Do you have a mantra? Do you use mala beads? What changes have you noticed in yourself after long stretches of daily meditation?