Monday, February 7, 2011

Mindful Monday: Oh, Now I Remember...

Last week, I kept thinking to myself how silly I have been for not meditating regularly all these years I've been a yogi. I knew how beneficial meditation can be for managing stress, increasing focus, and overall health. And it just takes a few minutes!

Well, this week I remembered why I've never been able to stick to it: It's really hard! There are always other things I want to do instead of sitting there. When I make myself sit it, I just think of all the other things I could be doing instead. And then my nose itches. I think maybe I forgot to hit "Start" on my timer ... obviously I've already been sitting for 15 minutes. When I peek at it, I see that I had, in fact, only been sitting for 3... 5 minutes left. Damn!

What is wrong with me?

I'm not giving up, though. I know if I keep at it, it will get easier. Going into this week, I'm going to stick with 8 minutes of daily meditation (clearly, I have not graduated to 10).

I'm going to try a few things to clear my mind before I sit--like write down my to do list for the day and set it aside. I'm also going to do at least a 10-15 minutes of asana first to get into the right frame of mind and put the timer behind me so I can't look no matter how much I want to!

Ugh. Do you have any other tips?