Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yoga, Love, and Other Mushy Stuff

Oh hey! Did you guys know that yesterday was Valentine's Day? The holiday of red hearts and flowers and chocolate and teddy bears? I think it's supposed to be about something else, too.. Oh yes, love and other mushy stuff...

Now, to someone who thinks that yoga is just an exercise that involves stretching, it might seem like a leap to  connect yoga with love. The rest of us know that in a lot of ways, the practice of yoga IS love. It's an expression of love for ourselves--we love ourselves enough to take care of our bodies and minds. But yoga is an expression of love for the people around us, too.

This is one of the reasons I don't like when yoga gets lumped in with spa services. Some people think that yoga is something they do only for themselves, a little luxury that makes them feel good about themselves. But the truth is your loved ones get a lot out of your practice, too. They see your example of self care. They see the radiant light that you exude in the minutes and hours after your yoga practice. You are more fun to be around, more patient, more kind, and more giving after your practice--and that makes it the best gift you can give to the people you love.

How did you celebrate Love Day?