Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 Things You Shouldn't Think About During Savasana

I have all sorts of inappropriate thoughts during Savasana that never pop into my head any other time. Here just a sampling of what I thought about during my Savasana today.

1. What I should have said to that lady who over-charged you for grapes at the market.
2. Taxes. I hope that accountant has all the info he needs.
3. Laundry. I wish my mom still did mine so I could just hang out in Savasana
4. Song lyrics -- Baby, I was born this way!
5. Commercial Jingles -- Sa-ki House. For today and tonight.. The most original, traditional, Japanese delight.
6. I wonder what the other people in class are thinking about...
7. Cupcakes. I love cupcakes!
8. I really wish I had a cupcake right now..
9. It's weird that one of the top search terms for my blog is "cupcake".. Do I really write about them that often?
10. I should definitely write a blog when I get home!

Speaking of Savasana thoughts, this is my favorite yoga video on Youtube:

Oh, and in case you're curious about the commercial... Here it is! Now you can have it in YOUR head during Savasana, too!