Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have a new yoga obsession. Handstand. I can't stop it. I just kick and kick and kick up every chance I get. I'm not even sure why.

Handstand is not a new pose for me. I've been able to kick up at the wall for years. After the first time I tried a Handstand in a yoga class, I didn't have too much trouble because I remembered doing it when I'm little. I've been obsessed with arm balances for ages, but Handstand was kind of ho-hum.. until recently, that is...

What's different now? I stepped away from the wall and something magical happened... I balanced!

I'm not ready for the middle of the room stuff yet, but I can hop up and stay there for a few seconds before I either fall out of it or end up with my heels against the wall. If this isn't something you've experienced before believe me when I say it's an AMAZING feeling! The weightlessness! The freedom! The power!

I'm addicted. Seriously, I think I've tried (to varying degrees of success) 500 times just today. It's so exciting because I think once I've mastered balancing in Handstand a whole world of new and exciting poses will open up to me.. I'm stoked!

What pose are you obsessed with right now?