Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Mishoga Wear

For me, yoga is more than a practice. It's an art form. So when I look for yoga clothes, I look for something that can help me to express the beauty, originality, and serenity I feel when I practice.

That's exactly what I found when I got an unexpected package in the mail from a Twitter friend, Mish Volonino, the founder and designer at MishogaWear. She sent me the most sophisticated pair of tie-dyed yoga pants I've ever seen! (And you KNOW I have a lot of yoga pants!) The image above shows the hand painted Buddha on the pant leg right beneath the Tibetan writing that says "Om Mani Padme Hum," the universal mantra of Tibet. This is admittedly a foreign concept to me, but I love the sweet sentiment. My photography does not do it justice.

You see, Mish is more than a designer... She's real artist. Mish paints the designs onto her custom-made yoga clothes by hand. She also does hand embroidery, screen printing, drawing of designs, and crystal embellishments. The result is a unique, but totally wearable work of art!