Friday, May 13, 2011

So Hum: Self Expression Through Yoga

Model: Megan Windeler 

Photography: Faern

Writing: Erica Rodefer

"I am kinda a no-frills yogi. I love the practice. I love the holding the basic shapes for a long time, exploring the spaces until some deeper, more blingy variation grows."
– Megan*

Yoga is deceptively simple. You unroll a mat and you stretch a little. What could be simpler than that?! But once you get into the practice you can see there's so much more beneath the surface. The poses are just a very small part. The simplest of poses can be extremely complex at the same time when you pay attention to the little nuances and the energy that make it special.

Like Megan, many of us see ourselves as no-frills yogis—the human equivalent of the simplest poses: Triangle, Warrior 2, Downward Dog. Through the practice of yoga, we get to know ourselves better. We notice how just one little tweak—a stronger grounding of the back foot or a more completely engaged thigh—can change everything. We feel the subtle shifts of energy inside of us. Suddenly, we see how that basic pose is more complex and amazing than we ever dreamed it could be. That's how transformation happens. In life, the yoga is in seeing that we are simple and complex at the same time—that we are perfectly imperfect no matter how we present ourselves in this world.

*Read a complete interview with Megan here.

So-Hum is a series of blog posts and photographs that celebrates individuality, style, and deep self-refection that naturally evolves from the practice of yoga. Models are asked to pose in everyday attire that expresses who they are as a person and yoga practitioner.

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Faern is a yoga practitioner and photographer in San Francisco. Visit her website, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.