Sunday, May 29, 2011

That's Hot: Athletic Skirts

It feels like summer Charleston, SC with temperatures reaching 90 degrees some days. And even though I'm not exactly a "hot yoga" kind of girl most of the time there's no getting around it these days. I can't even walk from my front door to my car (20 feet away maybe?) without working up a sweat, and it's not even June yet. It's going to be a long, hot summer.

This poses a bit of a problem for my wardrobe since I do not like to wear shorts. Not ever. There's just something about shorts that isn't aesthetically pleasing to me and they leave me feeling a little too exposed. During the hottest of summer days, I opt for a breezy dress or skirt instead. And when it comes to my yoga practice? Well, I've been known to just suffer through it and wear my tried-and-true yoga pants anyway.

Luckily, this year there are more options for my yoga practice: many of my favorite athletic wear companies are making skirts that offer more coverage than shorts but are still cool and breezy.

My favorite is this skirt/skort by MPG, called Leap.

It might have been designed for running or tennis, I don't know. But the built-in shorts underneath this adorable skirt makes it perfect for yoga! You don't have to worry about giving the lucky person on the mat behind you a peep show when you practice your Down Dog.

Inversions? No problem. You're covered.

To and from class is OK, too. Since there's no clingy spandex you don't have to bring along a cover up.

I've been living in this skirt for my yoga practice, walking the dog, grocery store runs, and most anything else I'm doing that's doesn't require me to go into the office.

What do you wear to yoga during the hottest months of summer?