Monday, July 25, 2011

Steal From Your Teacher (And Other Good Advice That Sounds Bad)

Steal from your teacher. No, I'm not talking about her credit card or that shiny new yoga mat... When I'm in a difficult situation--whether it's at work or in my daily job, I think about how my mentors would respond. I imagine what her words would be, her body language, I see her composed and cool ... My yoga teachers don't get flustered when they make a misspeak in front of a class. They laugh it off gracefully and move on. I want to be like that in my interactions with people. So I steal their persona for a bit (I can't call it borrowing because I can't give it back!). I say what I think they would say. I might even talk the way they would talk. I make it my own. It helps me through it, and don't think they'd mind.

Do the bare minimum. In our culture, we're taught to give 110% to everything we do. We work as hard as we possibly can. We always strive to do more. When we take this approach in yoga, we end up injured. When we take this approach in life, we end up burnt out, exhausted, and uninspired. I've noticed that working smart (not hard) is the way to get the most accomplished over a long period of time. And by saving energy, I'm able to accomplish more over the long run, be more creative, and am much happier as a whole.

Be selfish. I know.. the word selfish sounds so bad! We have the perception that when we take things for ourselves, it comes at the expense of someone else, but this isn't always true. If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone (or anything) else!? Take time for yourself. Do your daily yoga practice. Meditate. Eat foods that make you feel alive! Then, shine your light on the people around you.