Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home Practice

I asked my friends on Twitter how they motivate themselves to practice at home when they're in a rut. Their answers were so insightful and helpful, I wanted to share them with you.
re home practice: schedule it like you would an appointment. I also have 10 diff playlists ready to stay fresh, plan asanas b4

Set goals! Something that can be measured, maybe a particular pose you are striving for & work on it X times per week.

keep it simple and see what unfolds. allow yourself to be playful and work on specific poses. when in doubt, ashtanga. :o)
I value just showing up and responding to how I *really* feel with the postures. That's how I stay connected to home practice.
Home practice allows you to practice what you need. It's addicting.
it helps to invite someone over to practice w you. My sister-in-law and I have a standing date every Thursday night
I'm having trouble with this atm, so pls share the responses :) Music always helps me when I don't feel motivated to practice.
To stay motivated I remind myself how good I will feel after I practice. Hope that helps :)
All such great advice! Do you have any to add?