Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

The outside world isn't so bad. I think you're going to like it. There are more good people than bad. (And I really believe that even the bad people are mostly just confused.) It's perfect spring weather here right now, we live close to the beach, and you have your own room!

It feels really REALLY good to stretch out your arms and legs, and it's kind of Mommy's specialty. Most mommies can teach their babies how to do normal things like walk and talk, but I can teach you how to stand on your head. Well, maybe not right away, but once your bones fuse together and stuff.

Speaking of heads... if you're worried about yours coming out a little cone-like, it's not a big deal. I promise to put a hat on you until it gets round again, and I won't let Daddy take any embarrassing pictures. (And he'll want to! Which is why I don't think it's fair that you already have so many more things that say "I <3 Daddy" and only ONE thing that says "I <3 Mommy" ... but I promise not to bring that up again if you'll just come soon.)

And did I mention that you have a closet full of adorable clothes already? You're going to be WAY better dressed than Mommy OR Daddy. The only problem is... I'm worried if you put off making your appearance too much longer, you're not even going to fit in a lot of the cutest outfits you have! That would be a shame because I'm sure you're going to look cute in them.

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I've been practicing my rocking skills a lot lately. I'm still new at it, but our sweet dog Penny hasn't complained, and I think you'll like it, too.

I'm not saying we'll be perfect parents. In fact, we're probably going to screw up a whole lot. (See? I don't think you're supposed to say "screw" to a baby.. I'm sure we'll mess up.. is that better?) Anyway, nobody's perfect, and we'll figure out the whole parenthood/kid thing as we go. But what we do know is that we love you already, and we can't wait to meet you--even if you have a cone head.

Also... I won't post any naked baby pictures of you on Facebook. I'm not going to name you anything weird. I'll let you eat candy once you grow teeth. And if you want to wear a tutu and a cape to the grocery store, you will get no argument from me.

See you soon (tomorrow maybe?)!