Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Fashion Round Up

I've definitely had fashion on my mind lately. Of course I'm more worried about what my sweet baby girl wears right now. I change her clothes several times a day--sometimes due to diaper leakage, sometimes just for photo opportunities. Even though I rarely find myself in a yoga studio these days, yoga clothes are my go-to for my home practice and grocery store runs. (I figure I only have a few more months when it will be acceptable to wear yoga clothes 24-7 so I might as well take advantage of it!)

I love seeing what the yoga clothing companies come out with for Fall. Here are a few of the new and noteworthy things I've noticed in the new collections.

Studio Spirit Wrap by Lucy
Yummy knit cover ups. I love these for their versatility because they are just as appropriate for everyday errands over a blouse with jeans. All the big brand yoga clothes companies seem to have something light and drapey that's perfect for before class or to bundle up for Savasana or meditation, but you can just as easily find a cute functional sweater at a department store for less. I can't wait for it to cool off enough for me to start wearing mine!

alo active wear ZEN LAYER BACK TANK
Zen Layer Back Tank by ALO
Royal Blue. Zobha's blue looks a little purpley. ALO's is a little brighter. Both are right on par with the trend in general fashion (well, if Project Runway's winning dress is any indication anyway.) I love this blue! It's dramatic, fun, and wearable any season of the year.

Ayana Pant by Prana
Miniskirt Pant. It's a legging with a kirt-like fabric covering just a little bum. I like to keep things positive, but this one confuses me. It doesn't seem very flattering to the hip/thigh area. I'm not sure what the functional purpose is since it doesn't even provide much coverage. On the plus side it does look different than every other legging, which is nice.

No Limits Tank
No Limits Tank by Lululemon
Peekaboo Bra. I hated this idea until I tried one of these tanks on. Now I'm a believer. I must not be the only one because Lulullemon is making two styles the No Limits Tank and the Turbo Tank. It's modest, but still shows off the body (teachers cam see alignment of shoulders). It gives that soft, drapey look that's so in right now, but without showing skin in inversions. Plus the mesh keeps you cool and dry.

Hangout Tee w/ VOTE
Hangout Tee by Be Present
Vote! This is an election year, and yogis are getting political. I love the idea of YogaVotes, a nonprofit backed by Off the Mat, Into the World that encourages yoga students to get out there and vote. This shirt by Be Present isn't new for Fall (I don't think), but a stylish way to send a message: I'm a yogi and I care about what happens in the world around me.