Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here Come the Yoga Nazis!

Here's an idea... If you "don't want the Yoga Nazis coming after you" don't say stupid, derogatory, rude things like YOGA NAZIS!

And REALLY Fox News?! Really!? "Obviously we have a lot of time on our hands because 20 million people are practicing yoga?" How about we have a HUGE and growing need to manage our stress, get some exercise, and just deal with life in general (not to mention handle the huge amounts of anger that boil our blood every time we turn on your ignorant TV station?) and yoga helps us with all of that. How about THAT?

And while I have to agree with author of "Your Kids Are Your Own Fault" Larry Winget (the guest you chose to be your "expert" on parenting) that yoga is not a sport... He obviously has never set foot in a kids yoga class, most of which are VERY interactive and teach more life lessons than a T-ball game ever could.

I try to keep my rants to a minimum on this blog. And I'm rarely offended by people's misunderstandings of yoga.. but this one is just SOOOOO ignorant without even an attempt to understand 

UGH! End of rant. I'm going to go do some wussy yoga with my kid now to try to calm down.