Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Vernice Vita Yoga Mat

For months, I've been giving my yoga students a cue to press their hands into their mats so that, if it the mat were made of memory foam, it would show a complete imprint of every finger.  Like this!

I had no idea that a yoga mat made of memory foam actually exists, so when I came upon Vernice Vita memory foam mat I had to try it out! Practicing on the Vernice Vita  mat is like practicing on a cloud. It's cushy, squishy, and supportive in a way I've never quite experienced from any other surface. I've been practicing with the half inch"Cadillac Mat" for a few weeks now, and you know what my favorite part about it is? It made me realize that when I'm in Downward Facing Dog, I actually wasn't in the habit of pressing every finger down--even though I thought I was. It's ah-ha moments like this that can completely change the way you approach the practice. I live for these epiphanies, so I will forever be grateful for the experience.


  • It's like practicing on a cloud--a fluffy, cushy, luxurious, supportive, amazing cloud.
  • You can actually lift your hands and feet to SEE if your weight is distributed evenly, which is not only really cool, but useful to check out your alignment, too.
  • Since your hands and feet make an imprint on the mat, it's almost impossible to slip. 
  • It provides amazing support for knees, elbows, hips, and other bony body parts that sometimes can be painful on a thinner yoga mat.
  • I've never seen anyone else using this mat in a studio, which makes me feel special and love it that much more. 
  • I didn't love this mat for arm balances. I prefer harder surfaces for arm balancing.
  • I have light colored animals in my house, and this bad boy collected (and showed) every stray hair and piece of white lint in my entire house. 
If you're thinking of buying a new mat, I recommend the Vernice Vita Cadillac mat if you like extra cushion or practice a style of yoga that is therapeutic, alignment focused, restorative or yin.

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