Frequently Asked Questions

The following are really more like anticipated questions than frequently asked questions. OK, I made them all up, but I stand by them just the same!

Why did you name your blog Spoiled Yogi?
Because that's what I am. I am the luckiest yoga student to ever walk the planet, but I still have moments when I feel sorry for myself. This blog is really about searching for contentment, being happy with the cards I've been dealt, and being grateful for the practice. It's a process.

Why did you start this blog?
 I love yoga. I love writing. I love sharing yoga through my writing. But most of all, I wanted to keep yoga at the top of my mind ... and I wanted to help myself remember how lucky I am to have found this path and connect with others who feel the same way! Like you!

Why did you start practicing yoga?
Because I had to get a P.E. credit in college, and I didn't want to go off-campus and risk losing my parking spot every week to take bowling. I remember discussing my options with my mom over the phone. "What's yoga?" I said. "I think it's just some stretching," she answered. "OK.. Guess, I'll do that one!" My life was changed forever.

Are you a teacher?
Yes, of course! Everyone who's really into yoga these days seems to be a teacher, too. A 200-hour certification is like a pre-requisite for yoga obsessed bloggers. Want to take a class with me? See Yoga Services.

Why is your blog header so ugly?
I'm not a designer, and my friend who is is too busy to fix it for me. I blame her.
UPDATE: My new and improved blog header was designed by the multi-talented artist/singer/songwriter extraordinairre Cate Kanell. Thanks for giving Spoiled Yogi a new look! Check out her amazing music at!

Will you review my yoga product?
Yes! I'd love to! I'm particularly interested in yoga clothes, props, mats, and mat bags. I'll also be thrilled to review your book, CD, or DVD. If you're interested please email me. Note: I can't review EVERYTHING so I have to be a little choosey. I'll only review stuff I like so if your product sucks or is not relevant to me or my yoga practice... sorry! Keep trying. I'm sure product development is like Handstand.. if you keep practicing eventually you'll get it (but even if you don't you will learn from the process of trying, right?).

How do I contact you?
Email me! Tweet me! I'd love to hear from you! Convince me that you're not a stalker, serial killer, or one of those Bikram practitioners (kidding!) and I might even answer you.

I took the time to email you, but you never responded! That's not very yogic. Why are you such an asshole?
That's a great question! I don't mean to be an asshole... but sometimes I just am. All I can say is this: If I didn't practice yoga, I'd probably be an even BIGGER asshole a lot more often! Seriously though... I try to respond to every email I go, but sometimes I just have to prioritize other things (like my yoga practice and writing things that pay the bills). What usually happens is those emails get pushed down to the bottom of my inbox and I forget all about them. If I didn't answer you the first time, please email me again! I usually feel like a giant asshole the second time I get an email from someone and answer.