Work with Me

I'm an experienced writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion topics. New media—websites, blogs, email newsletters, and social media—is my true love, but I've also written extensively for print magazines and newspapers.

What can I do for your business?
  • Write quality, researched editorial articles and blog posts.
  • Provide a witty, clever, friendly voice for your company's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace profiles, or other social media channels.
  • Online marketing.
  • Write compelling copy for your website, email newsletters, and blog.
  • Editorial, social networking, and e-commerce strategy and implementation.
  • Last, but not least, I am even willing to undertake the arduous task of traveling to remote locations to experience and write about your spa, yoga retreat, fancy restaurant, five-star hotel, fabulous margaritas, and glorious sunsets ... Someone has to do it, right?
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